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IASO Breast Center joins the Breast Centers Network

IASO Breast Center of was accepted as a full member of the Breast Centers Network, the first international healthcare Units network dedicated exclusively in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Breast Centres Network includes 205 breast centers worldwide, and its mission is to promote and improve breast cancer care on a global basis, through synergism and interconnection among specialists working in the field.

The Breast Center was established in 1996 by Mr. Antonios Keramopoulos, Assistant Professor of Gynecological Oncology. Operating within the framework of the largest Gynecology Clinic in Europe and following international standards, the Center deals with a great number of cases on an annual basis. It constitutes a fully specialized Center with multi-year experience, and the current recognition renders it an International Reference Center. At the same time, the recognition validates the high level and top quality healthcare services provided by IASO in the treatment of breast diseases, from diagnosis to full recovery.

The Center performs breast screening, the entire range of diagnostic and therapeutic tests, all procedures related to benign and malignant breast pathologies, and postoperative monitoring, mainly in breast cancer patients. The Breast Center houses a division of risk measurement and high-risk women monitoring, a division of physiotherapy and lymphedema, and a division of psychological support. It closely cooperates with the Departments of Pathology, Radiotherapy, Pathological Oncology, Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. The aforementioned Departments participate in the weekly breast tumor boards, too.

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