Successful breastfeeding strongly depends on early breastfeeding onset.

We provide all the help we can to assist you in initiating breastfeeding soon after childbirth. We see that the baby comes into skin-to-skin contact with the mother in order to establish breastfeeding and enhance mother-baby bonding.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you hold prenatal classes on Breastfeeding?
  2. Is “Rooming in” allowed across all ward classes?
  3. What if I need help on Breastfeeding after my discharge from the Clinic?
  4. What if I need psychological support?
  5. Do I need an escort during night hours?
  6. When should I declare my baby’s birth at the Birth Declaration Office of the Maternity Clinic?
  7. What kind of documents do I need to bring?
  8. What is the discharge procedure?
  9. What else should I bring?
  10. Do you reserve patient rooms?
  11. What are the visiting hours?